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Uttarey Singalila Dzongri Trek
Uttarey Valley (7600ft) in west Sikkim is the Artist’s Green Paradise and the gateway to Sikkim.

Singalila Range and Khanchendzonga trail. You can reach Uttarey Valley by rail up to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) / Siliguri or by air to Bagdogra, then by road (160km) via Sevoke-Tista-Melli-Jorethang-Reshi-Rinchenpong-Kaluk-Dentam-Uttarey Valley (or Jorethang-Budang-Soreng-Kaluk-Dentam-Uttarey Valley).

Located at the base of Singalila peak, Phokteydara, Phaleylung (Phalut), Sugochuli, Dichenphu (also known as Nedham) and Chewabhanzyang, Uttarey valley is a small paradise on earth. Set amidst pristine nature, the valley is surrounded by hilltops, waterfalls, evergreen forests, and herbs. The valley is an ideal place for eco-tourism and educational tour for botany, zoology, ornithology, ethnology. Also it is the ideal home for the quiet holiday seekers, nature lovers, and bird watchers with rewarding walks, trekking trails, and panoramic view. For a day of laid back moments one has only to walk 10-15 minutes up the stepped path below the Maneybong Kagyuk Monastery.

Here one can also find Chorten, Maney, Falaicha and Maneybong Mangheem. Warmed by the morning sun one can view the lower Singalila Range, bathe in the glory of Mother Nature and be revitalized from the drudgery of busy city life. Open all seasons. If one is lucky one may even experience the winter snowfall from the safety of their rooms, long balconies and large dining hall at Nagbeli Resort / Hotel. Moreover Uttarey valley is the last road head for the shortest to the longest treks in Sikkim Singalila Range and Khanchendzonga.

There is a treasure of ruins hidden under the earth in and around Maneybong Kagyuk Monastery. The ruins were very much in sight as late as 1982 when this Monastery was rebuilt with the relics found around the place. It is strongly believed that even now there are hidden scriptures buried in the earth. It is a historical fact that King Tensung Namgyal married Princess Mukma Hangma, daughter of Yomo Hang, the Limboo King of Aruntambar of Nepal. Ancient history of Sikkim claims that the couple with its entourage walked through this Uttarey Valley.

There is a belief among the people here that the water from the Gombadara pokhri near the Maneybong Kagyuk Monastery and the water from the Durga Mandir nearby run northward that is why the place earned its name Uttarey which means northbound. There was a huge pokhri in Uttarey Valley which has now dried up over the period. It is heard from the octogenarians that this pokhri was called the justice lake. When anyone had a complaint against another, both had to tie a small coin and some rice in a piece of cloth, attach it to a stick and dip in the lake at the same time. The one who was at fault, his rice would become damp and the innocent’s would just be dry. At present this lake is filled with herbal plants locally called bojo and some parts are used as farmland by the locals. This dried up lake area has added to the greenness of the valley. Uttarey Valley is an artist’s effort at painting the innumerable shades of green.

To the southern hilltop of Uttarey Valley the sky opens up to the majestic snow peaks of Khanchendzonga, Nathula Range and other dominant neighbouring peaks. The Singalila Range trail is also clearly visible from this point. The sunrise on lower Singalila range from Uttarey is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The flat hilltop allows space for incredible camping site. If one is fortunate one can encounter or find footprints of wild animals too. About 14 km to the south west of Uttarey Valley one can get a panoramic view of Sagarmatha (Mount Everest). Despite global warming Uttarey still experiences winter snowfall. In October-November the cherry is in full bloom and by January the variety of rhododendrons begins to open up which continues till April-May. When the flowers are in full bloom the buzzing bees, the fluttering butterflies and the chirping birds are not very far away.

Hotel accommodation is available in Uttarey Valley. Apart from other hotels, Nagbeli Resorts / Hotel provides a comfortable stay complete with hot water and home food. It is priced reasonably to suit all types of tourists and trekkers. The total capacity at a time is about 40-50 heads with valley view deluxe, double A/B, single A/B and dormitory and kitchen facilities for large groups. While Nagbeli Resort / Hotel takes care of your food and lodging at Uttarey and extends all assistance to make your stay memorable and enjoyable, Nagbeli has the network to connect your entire hotel booking all over Sikkim, including remote places. Transport and tour / trek in and around Sikkim are arranged on request and no commission is charged. Forest Entry permission and trekking permit is also arranged from here.

All types of tents, sleeping bags and other requisite equipments are also available on hire for camping in the forests or for the treks.
Sightseeing around Uttarey valley
By Road : Singshore Suspension Bridge, Dentam Alpine Cheese factory, Changey twin falls, Rinchenpong, Soreng, Timburbong, Hee Bermiok, Daramdin, Hilley, Pelling/Pemayangtse, Rabdentse, Yuksam, and Khanchendzonga falls.
Around Uttarey Valley
1. Early morning walk above clouds about ½ km.
2. The Retreat area 15 min walk along with Sikkim wild orchid species, rhododendron species & birds.
3. Simphok singalila khola.
4. Thatneykhola trout rearing centre 30-45 min walk.
5. Maneybong Kagyud Monastery 15 min walk.
6. Gombadara pokhri 15 min walk.
7. Singshore Suspension Bridge 15 min.
8. Khanchendzonga and Singalila trek trail 60 min walk.
9. Lamaney pokhri for birds and panoramic snow peak view 90 min walk & sunrise view.
10. Sunrise at lower Singalila Range 20 min walk.
11. Mainbas chetan Falls 4km away in a hidden place.
12. Durga Mandir 10 min walk.
Day Hiking from Uttarey Valley
Mainbas falls, Lamini pokhri, Thumki, Gombadara, Achaley, Chittrey tar, Sherpa, Lepcha and Limboo villages, Thatneykhola trout rearing centre, Simphok river, Yangma-sago, Fedi and others.
Short treks for 2-3 days (6700ft-13000ft)
Short treks for 2-3 days (6700ft-13000ft) for panoramic view of mountain peaks like Mount Khanchendzonga and Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) Phokteydara, Chewabhanzyang, Dichenphu holy cave (Nedham), Noonthaley, Thulodhap, Hangeypani, Singalila peak, Phaleylung (Phalut), Varsey, Deonangali-dhap, and Tripaidara’.
Long treks 10-15 days (6700ft – 15000ft)
Singalila Range, Khanchendzonga National Park, Gorakhet, Sandakphu, the lake trek, Boktak, Sikkimey-meghu, caves, red panda, rhododendron, magnolia and orchids.
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